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Firstly let’s consider all the things that are same and which makes both these mattress the best in the market and a must have for comfortable sleep.
High Resilience (HR) and High Density (HD) foam used as a supportive layer with the latest Hexa-Cell Technology for the best support. A HD comfort foam used for additional comfort. Both the mattress has breathable inner cover made with 100% Pure Cotton fabric and a Health Guard+ Certified Antibacterial removable zipper cover that protects you from Bed bugs and bacteria.
Spine-Opedic mattress comes with the Future+ memory foam for pain relief and pain prevention. The memory foam provides a cloud like feel and comfort with the best orthopedic support. Whereas the Spinecure Special uses Neem Cool Gel Infused Memory foam that has all the pain relieving qualities of traditional memory foam and additional qualities like naturally maintaining a cool sleeping surface due to the millions of Neem infused cells in the foam.

Yes, we will try our best to deliver on the dates as requested. Although the dates are tentative but contact us for more info at +91 8888585853 or email us at

You can change the size of the mattress but the logistics charges of the mattress to and fro must be paid by the customer/purchaser. Wrong size mattress is not eligible for 101 nights risk free trial. Please note all the charges for wrong size exchange must be paid by the Customer/purchaser.

Yes, you can make the necessary changes when placing the order. Please put you delivery address as the shipping address for the product.

You can contact us on +91 8888585853 or email us on for any changes in the order. If the order has not been processed or dispatched we will try out best to make the changes. Please note that if the order is dispatched, any changes like delivery address or any other are subject to payment by the customer/purchaser for logistics.

Do I have to pay a deposit for No cost EMI?

No, we do not have a showroom. The reason we bring you mattress at less than 65% price as compared to other offline showrooms is by getting rid of all the middlemen (distributors and retail showrooms).

Our team will be sharing basic instructions just before the reverse pickup. It’s simple. Not to worry!

For understanding how to measure the size of the mattress please visit our Mattress size guide page from Home.

The delivery time depends on the location of the buyer but we tend to deliver our products withing 12 working days across India.

For requesting a return/ refund you must contact us at or call on +91 8888585853. You must attach the photos of the mattress as mention in the return policy. If the terms and condition of the return policy are satisfied, then we will send you the documents and packaging material for a reverse pick up. You must make sure you are available to stick the reverse documents on the zipper cover provided during refund. You must also put the mattress inside zipper cover provided. Return/refund will not be completed if the condition falls under Exemptions to the return policy. Please refer to our return Policy for more details.

All the products we sell have free delivery. If there is any special request that we need to fulfill then the price would be defined on your request.

We offer no cost EMI for goods worth Rs 8000 and above. All there are many other EMI options on debit cards and credit cards based on the Bank and the card used.

It all depends on the way you keep the mattress. We recommend that you keep following points in mind to prolong the life of your mattress.
• Do not spill water or use water to clean the mattress.
• The inner breathable cover is not meant to be removed.
• If you wish to clean the mattress, you can use a vacuum over it.
• If you happen to stain the mattress, remove the cover, dab the stain and clean the spot using a mild cleaner.
• Avoid using anything hot over the mattress like an iron, hot blanket, hot water bottle etc.
• You can rotate the mattress every 30 days to even out shape and extend its life.

Please contact us on +91 8888585853 or email us on within 24 hours with pictures of the defects observed. A member of our team will get in touch and repair or replace the mattress based on Spinecure’s discretion.

The Spine-Opedic High Resilience Foam is a unique product developed at Spinecure Mattress which is specifically designed to provide back support like never before. The HR Foam is designed with the Hexa-cell Technology that provides the feature of Firm Yet Soft at the same time.

We at Spinecure Have a Vision and Mission for Providing a High Quality Mattress at Effective Price By eliminating the Chain of Distribution. While the Big Bed- Industry Giants were providing the Premium High end Mattress at the Price 4x than the manufacturing cost, we were researching about how to provide a High quality of mattress in an effective rate in a box. The Online Mattress Industry is also solely focused on the Mattress-In a–Box concept but we Spinecure Mattress as stated by our tag line i.e “YOUR SLEEP THERAPIST”, focused solely on the Quality of the Material that we sell.