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Our Customer On Spinecure Team


Our Customer On Spinecure Team

After researching for a few days, I ordered this mattress. there are many companies
in the market but after reading the reviews and speaking to the customer care team of
Spinecure Mattress, I was happy to place an order with them.

I received my product a little late but I was well informed about it ( Covid – 19 delays as expected)
and so I was fine with it. But as I got my product, the wait was well worth it because trust me the fabric of the mattress itself is very amazing.
I have not used the mattress for more than a month and still I love the feel of the fabric.
To top it all my back pain issues problems have completely vanished and so provides me with a great relaxing sleep.

P.S. The customer service was amazing before sale and after sale, they solved my doubts, cleared my problems because I had ordered for customized size.
I recommend you to use this product and choose this company for an efficient hassle free purchase.