Return Policy

How to Initiate a Return:

  • Call our Spinecure Customer service team at +91 8888585853 or you can email us at to raise a return request.
  • Fill in a Simple and easy order return form provided by Spinecure.
  • Your return will be validated, and you will hear from our team within 24 to 48 hours.
  • We will keep you informed all the way through email or Phone. 
  • Our customer team will contact you to check your availability and inform that we will be sending packaging material and documents for the returning product.
  • A zipper cover will be provided to cover and protect the mattress during transport.
  • Transport copy will be provided from your address to ours. Please stick the copy on the zipper cover.
  • Hand over the Product and other documents to our courier partner when he comes to collect the return.
  • Once, the return has been picked up and delivered to our factory, we will process your refund. Normally it takes around 10- 12 working days to credit the refund to your account.

Return Policy Terms:

  • The free gifts provided with the mattress cannot be returned.
  • When returning the mattress, the amount of the free gift will be charged based on the selling price on the website at the time of return.
  • Please note that Spinecure will accept returns for cotton mattresses only in the case of manufacturing defects. No other reasons will be acceptable for initiating the return process.
  • The return process usually takes around 25-30 days. It could be more if there are any unforeseen circumstances faced during the return process. 
  • Spinecure Mattress reserves the right to delay the return process due to unforeseen circumstances which could be more than 45-60 days. 
  • Spinecure Mattress reserves the right to deduct transportation costs for the return process. 
  • In some situations, there is a possibility that it would take around 15-20 working days to credit the refund to your account.